Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

The music industry gets it: San Francisco is a magical place. From Tony Bennett to Train to The Village People, the city’s magnetism, beauty, and distinctive charm have long been a source of inspiration for singers and songwriters of every genre.

Perhaps the news media needs a refresher. For the past few years, it seems as though every day, a critical or negative story emerges in the press about the decline of affordable housing, the rise in inequality, the homelessness. Indeed, these are challenges worthy of attention and in need of solutions, and it’s understandable why anyone unfamiliar with San Francisco might hesitate to visit, let alone wish to call it “home.”

What these news stories fail to convey, however, is all that is amazing about the city, and the many reasons anyone would be crazy not to want to leave their heart behind in this City by The Bay.

San Francisco is Beautiful

San Francisco is possibly one of the most stunning cities in the U.S. On a clear day, driving in over the Golden Gate or the Bay Bridge can be a captivating experience: that first glimpse of the city’s skyline, its winding roads, the glimmering bay dotted with sailboats. Row upon colorful row of Victorian buildings line San Francisco’s historic streets, while vintage cable cars creak and groan up and over the city’s famously steep hills. Newly-built high rises glitter in the downtown sun, while stately old mansions enchant visitors to the city’s loftier neighborhoods. The Golden Gate Bridge is the city’s crown jewel, regal as it rises above the fog and into the headlands of Marin. A rainbow of faces, styles, and personalities reveal a city’s long history and embrace of diversity. The air is cool and fresh, the parks green and lush, the bridges gleam, and in nearly every direction, one can see water as blue as the California sky.

Theater Happens Here

Hamilton is coming back to San Francisco. Less than two years after a highly successful run at the Orpheum Theater, the national tour of this groundbreaking musical will return to the city in February 2019. This is a really big deal, as a second visit of a national tour doesn’t happen often. But it also shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. San Francisco is huge on theater, and on the arts in general. From the Asian Art Museum to 111 Minna Gallery to Clarion Alley to literary and musical and theatrical events, there is no shortage – ever – of cultural experiences to absorb. San Francisco has a symphony, a ballet company, a chamber orchestra, and for those who remember “Pretty Woman”, a world-class opera house worthy of the private-jet day trip.

Food Tastes Like Food

Organic. Local. Sustainable. Farm to Table. Non-GMO. It’s easy to laugh off these food descriptors as just another California hippie thing, but one taste of practically any meal at any decent restaurant will reveal the simple truth: in San Francisco, food actually tastes like food. Competition among restaurants is fierce, and it shows. San Francisco’s chefs take immense pride in food preparation. Ingredients are chosen with care. Everything tastes fresh. Even “fast” food tastes like slow food. It’s hard to get a bad meal in the city, and a good meal can be enjoyed at pretty much any price point.

San Franciscans Get Outdoors

One can get a workout simply walking the paved, hilly streets of San Francisco, and there is no shortage of indoor spin studios, gyms, and boot camp classes for the active consumer. But those seeking an adventure, or simply a healthy dose of nature, will delight in the abundance of outdoor activities within a short drive of the city. Hiking and biking trails are plentiful in the area, from Oakland to Marin County, from Mount Tamalpais to Point Reyes, and all can be accessed in a single day. The region’s long stretch of coastline, with its breathtaking cliffs, crashing waves, and fresh, salty air, is home to the local treasures of Half Moon Bay, Bodega Bay, and Stinson Beach, while the town of Sausalito, just over the Golden Gate Bridge, is the perfect spot from which to launch a kayak or sailboat. For those more inclined to imbibe than to sweat, the regions of Sonoma County and Napa Valley offer a good mix of both: the chance to get outside, be in nature, and experience one of the Bay Area’s greatest gifts: its wine.

San Francisco Innovates

If any population is poised and ready to tackle societal challenges such as homelessness and inequality, it’s that of the San Francisco Bay Area, arguably the global headquarters for innovation. It’s no coincidence that Apple was conceived of in the region, as was Levi Strauss & Co., Twitter, Yelp, and LinkedIn – just to name a few. San Francisco and its adjacent communities have a long history of drawing the best and brightest from around the world to its top-tier universities and companies, and this breadth of talent and brilliant minds are what make the city an electrifying place to be. The creative energy is palpable, and the Bay Area stage is set for anyone who wishes to innovate, inspire, and maybe even change the world, one technological advancement at a time.

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